Global Conversations Beyond Discipline

The Foundation of Goodness – Bridging the Opportunity Gap

This post carries a few extracts and summaries from a lengthier interview Suren Ladd did with Fazana Ibrahim of The Goodness Foundation in Sri Lanka. They discuss how the Foundation enables community development and the challenges it faces in light of the recent conflicts and natural disasters.

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Defining Development in Ghana

In his post Daniel reflects on the nature of development in practice, contrasting it to the expectations of a field dominated by abstract theory and generalizations. He suggests that the field must not lose sight of being a field that is centered around human connection.

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Qualifying Success in Development

I pass a set of ruined train tracks every day on my way to work. That may seem like an in innocuous thing to take note of, and it is. But I notice it. Every day. The trains that once crisscrossed Ghana no longer pass by; they haven’t for years. The tracks are twisted and […]

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Disconnected by Culture

Since leaving High School I’ve been studying at university for eight years. That might sound impressive, and the way I casually mention that in conversations is meant to have that effect. Sure, I’ve done some impressive internships, I’m comparatively well-travelled and I may sound like I know a few things about the world. But I […]

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