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Reflection on Faith, Fashion, Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia

In this post, Petra provides a commentary on an Australian fashion exhibition seeking to challenge negative representations of Muslim women. She considers the exhibition in relation to recent debates regarding Muslim women’s dress practices in Australia.

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On the Satirical Appropriation of Discourse

Peter offers a critical reading of three YouTube phenomena: Thug Notes, 8-bit Philosophy and Postmodern Jukebox. He argues that they engage in satirical appropriation of discourse and that they, in doing so, not only highlight the power structures pertaining to discursive regimes, but also offer a way through which we may rid ourselves of said regimes and establish pockets of freedom.

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Where Am I Really From?

Haneen Martin tackles the concept of multiculturalism in Australia and whether modern Australian society is really accepting of other cultural backgrounds as it claims to be.

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Chinese Migration and Settler Well-being in Australia: The Case for Marriage

In this blog post, Rita discusses some of the challenges that Chinese, and other immigrants from non-English speaking backgrounds, face in Australia.

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