Global Conversations Beyond Discipline

Author: Peter Espersen

Peter Espersen holds an MA in International Development from Flinders University. His academic interests principally revolve around poststructuralist theory and public political discourse, with a particular focus on the earlier writings of Michel Foucault

People smugglers or trans-national entrepreneurs? An examination of the discourse on asylum seekers in Australia

In this blog post, Peter Espersen highlights some of the discursive mechanisms that are employed by the current Australian government in its dealing with Asylum Seekers and suggests some alternative signifiers in order to change the framing of the overall discourse.

Neoliberalism: Theory or apologetics?

As a doctrine, neoliberalism stands for a sort of free market fundamentalism which envisions minimal involvement of the state in society and is opposed to all sorts of redistribution. However, the purpose of this post, while it does briefly outline and criticise neoliberal theory, is to challenge the manner in which its critics engages with […]