Global Conversations Beyond Discipline

Author: Peter Espersen

Peter Espersen holds an MA in International Development from Flinders University. His academic interests principally revolve around poststructuralist theory and public political discourse, with a particular focus on the earlier writings of Michel Foucault

The Egalitarian Revolution in Syria

In northern Syria, a radically democratic experiment is taking place amidst heavy fighting with Islamic fundamentalists. In this post, Peter outlines these experiments while arguing that much can be learned from them by radicals worldwide.

On the Satirical Appropriation of Discourse

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Peter offers a critical reading of three YouTube phenomena: Thug Notes, 8-bit Philosophy and Postmodern Jukebox. He argues that they engage in satirical appropriation of discourse and that they, in doing so, not only highlight the power structures pertaining to discursive regimes, but also offer a way through which we may rid ourselves of said regimes and establish pockets of freedom.

Cynicism or Sadism? Australia’s relationship with the Rohingya

In this blog post Peter Espersen writes about Australia’s relationship with the Rohingya people by examining the ways they are treated when they arrive in Australia as Asylum Seekers, and the ways Australia cooperate with the Burmese Government that fails to provide protection for them.

Perspectives on exploitation and the World Cup

Tomas, Patrick and Peter discuss the role of ideology in our indifference towards exploitation at the World Cup. By drawing on Marx, Althusser and Zizek they suggest that breaking free from our indifference is harder than we think.