Global Conversations Beyond Discipline

Author: Korie Hilliard

Korie Hilliard holds an MA in International Development from Flinders University, with undergraduate studies in Psychology and Anthropology. Her areas of academic interest include culture, ethnicity and indigenous peoples as well as development, sustainability and alternative tourism.

Indigeneity and Higher Education: The Rise of Intercultural Universities in Mexico

In her newest post, Korie Hilliard examines a new educational phenomenon emerging within Mexico’s higher education system. The establishment of intercultural universities and their aims in regards to indigenous education are discussed, along with the social and political factors that have fueled recent developments in the country’s educational policy.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: A Discussion on Eco and Ethnic Tourism

In this post, Korie Hilliard discusses two significant forms of alternative tourism; ecotourism and ethnic tourism. Despite the tendency of the literature to often merge the two together, the author argues for a clear distinction between ethnic and ecotourism, claiming that rather they are two sides of the same coin, whose differences have unique implications for the nature and development of local tourism and whose similarities endow them with the potential to create mutual benefits.