Global Conversations Beyond Discipline

Participation in Development: How the Cake can Crumble

The following piece is a small exploration of the involvement of participation in development. It argues that participatory policy is implemented following an authentic or fictitious design, and ultimately that participation is beneficial for all project-related persons.

The Foundation of Goodness – Bridging the Opportunity Gap

This post carries a few extracts and summaries from a lengthier interview Suren Ladd did with Fazana Ibrahim of The Goodness Foundation in Sri Lanka. They discuss how the Foundation enables community development and the challenges it faces in light of the recent conflicts and natural disasters.

The Egalitarian Revolution in Syria

In northern Syria, a radically democratic experiment is taking place amidst heavy fighting with Islamic fundamentalists. In this post, Peter outlines these experiments while arguing that much can be learned from them by radicals worldwide.

Indigeneity and Higher Education: The Rise of Intercultural Universities in Mexico

In her newest post, Korie Hilliard examines a new educational phenomenon emerging within Mexico’s higher education system. The establishment of intercultural universities and their aims in regards to indigenous education are discussed, along with the social and political factors that have fueled recent developments in the country’s educational policy.