Global Conversations Beyond Discipline


Omniloquence is an initiative of students and alumni from the School of History and International Relations at Flinders University. The School is multidisciplinary in nature and brings together different social sciences such as International Relations, American Studies, Asian Studies, History, and Development Studies. The blog’s aims are, broadly, to provide a platform for staff, students, alumni, and friends to showcase their research, discuss wider intellectual interests and engage in lively debate.

The School has a student body consisting of students from various countries and an equally diverse group of alumni who now live and work in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Oceania. As a result, the Blog has a commitment to diversity and inclusivity that will be reflected in the diversity of English language publishing and the inclusion of content in languages other than English (facilitated by the availability of on-line translation tools).

The current Editorial group consists of:
Executive Editor: Korie Hilliard (United States)
Executive Editor: Suren Ladd (Sri Lanka)
Managing Editor: Peter Espersen (Denmark)
Editorial Board Member: Elliot Tester (Australia)
Editorial Board Member: Matthew Quast (Australia)
Copy Editor: Petra Mosmann (Australia)
Web Master: Callum Gare (Australia)

Past Contributers:
Blog Moderator and Founding Member: Yosuke Sakaue (Japan) (2013-14)
Managing Editor and Founding Member: Cynthia Kamwengo (Zambia) (2013-15)

Omniloquence is open to different views and opinions. The views expressed in this blog are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of the Editorial group, the School of International Studies or Flinders University. Comments in this blog are moderated. However, if you have a complaint about any content appearing on Omniloquence please email the Managing Editor or Blog Moderator at